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As we all know, the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo is often seen wearing batik on every occasion, both umum and informal. The president, who was inaugurated for the first time in 2014, really loves Indonesian culture by making culture a national identity which is reflected by wearing batik clothes. Next, we look at and examine what the President’s favorite batik motifs are.  

Jokowi’s meeting with Anies Baswedan (2017)

Jokowi - Anis

This is one of the most meaningful moments, when President Jokowi received Anies Baswedan as the newly elected Governor of DKI Jakarta at the State Palace in 2017. In the picture, President Jokowi is accompanied by Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung and Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi. Meanwhile, Anies Baswedan was accompanied by his deputy Sandiaga Uno. This moment becomes full of meaning when the two of them are photographed shaking hands wearing their respective batik, which is thought to have a high philosophical value. The situation at that time was very thick, full of the smell of “cold war” because Anies Baswedan became Minister of Education in 2014 and was then fired by the President. Anies then followed the political contestation in the Jakarta Regional Head Election to fight with Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, who was one of the President’s trusted people. He then lost in the second round, because it was believed that the 2017 Jakarta Pilkada was a regional election with the fiercest battle that breathed the issue of SARA as a political weapon for the elite.  Returning to the shaking moment, Anies was seen wearing Batik Silk Pekalongan with the Parang Barong motif. The Parang Barong motif is believed to be a motif that at the time of the Jogjakarta Palace could only be used by the king, or it is also known as the prohibition motive. Meanwhile, President Jokowi as the host wore a typical Solo Gunungan motif. There has been much speculation that Anies Baswedan deliberately used this motif which was thought to be a motive with the highest philosophical meaning (because it could only be used by the king), but the President was apparently very anticipatory about the Gunungan Motif which means the ruler of the universe. So that when compared, of course the motive of the President is a motive that can be said to have a higher philosophy than the motive of the governor.



Jokowi’s meeting with SBY (2017)

Jokowi - SBY

This time, President Jokowi held a casual gathering with the 6th President of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) on the terrace of the State Palace in 2017. At first glance, the photo shows the two of them relaxing while sitting enjoying a cup of tea. The situation at that time, which was heating up between President Jokowi and SBY as the General Chair of the Democratic Party, became an interesting spice for the meeting of the two Indonesian Presidents. You can see President Jokowi wearing the Holy Batik with a butterfly motif. In the previous article, it was explained that butterflies can be analogous to hardworking animals, where before they become a butterfly, they go through long stages such as eggs, caterpillars, new cocoons to become butterflies. His personality is tough and likes to work hard, making the person who wears this batik motif personified to resemble the character of a butterfly. Meanwhile, the 6th President, SBY, wore a Jogjakarta batik with a Purbonegoro motif. This palace batik motif comes from the word Purbo, which means to maintain, and Negoro is the state. So that Purbonegoro batik means someone who willingly and is tough to take care of and maintain his country. It is very interesting that the batik philosophy worn by the two Indonesian Presidents at meetings that rarely occur.

Jokowi and Malaysian Prime Minister meeting (2017)

Jokowi - PM Malaysia

The meeting, which took place in Kuching, Serawak in 2017, was about a gathering between Indonesia and Malaysia. As neighboring and allied countries, Indonesia and Malaysia are old brothers who have many similarities including culture, language, culinary, and race. It appears that both are represented by the highest leaders of their respective countries. Indonesia was represented by President Joko Widodo, while Malaysia was represented by Prime Minister Najib Razak. Interestingly, the two respected leaders wore batik clothes from their home countries. President Jokowi with his Solo Batik, and PM Najib Razak with Malaysian Contemporary Batik. This warm event was also interpreted by many as a means of recognition, where Malaysia often claims that batik culture originated from their country, not Indonesia. but this argument was finally broken in 2019 when batik was recognized as an intangible culture from Indonesia by UNESCO. President Jokowi at that time wore a batik patterned Babon Angrem with the philosophy of baboons (mother hens) that incubate (angrem) their children. This means that the mother helps protect her children from threats and attacks, and also shows the love of a leader to her people (protecting).

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